Our RNA medicines allow
intricate control of protein expression
to prevent and treat disease.

Advances in RNA technologies enable, for the first time, the engineering of RNA medicines to express a protein or proteins of interest in specific cells or tissues, thereby driving biology to prevent or treat disease. Orbital is expanding the opportunities for RNA medicines to reach a full range of diseases by applying a disease-first way of thinking and a technology-agnostic approach.

Precisely matching
each RNA medicine
to the disease

The expression and duration of expression of the selected protein(s) in any cell or tissue must match the requirements to treat a specific disease. At Orbital, each of our RNA medicines is designed to achieve the three key attributes required to align the drug to a specific disease biology.


What protein or proteins need to be expressed?
We translate an understanding of how protein expression will impact the disease process into a design for the RNA medicine.


How long is the protein expressed?
We optimize the half-life/durability of the proteins produced by the RNA medicine.


In which cells or tissues is the protein required?
We engineer a delivery approach to reach specific cell types and tissues.

Engineered across these three dimensions our RNA medicines can be adapted to match the therapeutic requirements to treat or prevent disease.


Our Collection of
State-of-the-Art Technologies

Together with our team’s deep know-how, we select from our integrated platform of established and emerging RNA tools and technologies, specific components to create intricately designed RNA medicines to address disease. Our platform is first-in-kind and our approach is technology-agnostic, allowing us to optimize RNA medicines at the intersection of RNA technology, delivery methods, data science and automation.

Linear mRNA
Linear mRNA
Single-stranded RNA.
Our linear mRNAs are engineered using tools that increase and stabilize mRNA half-life and improve translational efficiency, as well as leverage novel chemistries to enhance durability and increase protein expression.
Circular RNA
Circular RNA
Single-stranded RNA in the form of a closed continuous loop.
We select from multiple proprietary circularization technologies and an extensive IRES library to optimize protein expression and duration of expression.
Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP)
Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP)
Spherical vesicles of lipids (including ionizable lipids) to protect and carry RNA to its proper destination in the body.
We have developed a proprietary library of lipids and cell- and tissue-targeted LNPs to optimize delivery of RNAs.
Virus-like Particles (VLP)
Virus-like Particles (VLP)
Nanoscale vesicles composed of viral proteins to protect and carry RNA to its proper destination in the body.
Our library of VLP technologies includes wild-type and targeted VLPs that are complementary to our targeted LNPs.
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Development and application of software to support discovery efforts.
We deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and automation to accelerate design and test cycles and optimize RNA medicines at the expression and delivery levels.
Protein Engineering
Protein Engineering
Design and optimize new or modified proteins to achieve desired functions.
Our team has a depth of experience and tools that enable protein engineering design and structural prediction.

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