Our pipeline includes
multiple programs for RNA medicines
that we are advancing in parallel,
across a range of diseases.

Applying our platform with its state-of-the-art technologies, we are building a portfolio of innovative RNA medicines across three areas – immunomodulation for autoimmune disease and oncology, next-generation vaccines, and protein therapeutics.

A new in vivo opportunity for autoimmune disease and oncology

our key focus

We are advancing new approaches for RNA treatments capable of modulating the immune system for autoimmune disease and oncology, via the in vivo expression of CARs and/or other immunomodulatory proteins. Our RNA medicines take advantage of key aspects of our platform to enable the potential for increased antigen detection and immune biology modulation and to selectively deliver RNA medicines to immune cells for enhanced effectiveness.

mRNA vaccines

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We are designing vaccines that expand beyond the industry’s successful mRNA vaccines to enable new capabilities to protect and treat disease. Next-generation mRNA vaccines include heterologous prime-boost vaccines to simplify dosing strategies, combination vaccines to recognize and neutralize multiple antigens, and polyfunctional vaccines combining antigen with adjuvants and/or other immune enhancers to promote greater efficacy.

Protein therapeutics
via RNA medicines

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We see a future when protein therapeutics can be administered via RNA, including proteins to treat genetic protein deficiencies. Our cutting-edge technologies are solving problems to make protein therapeutics via RNA medicines a reality, as we make advances in addressing duration of expression, size and complexity of the protein to be expressed, extrahepatic delivery, and redosing capacity.


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